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Corporate and Small Business Video

KHE can help bring your message to your clients. by promoting your products or business services using digital video. You can distribute these videos on VHS tape,CD, DVD disk, or have your customers view them on your website.  The sophistication of our videos can make your business look good and increase your sales. This isn't a cost - it's an investment which will pay you back many times over.  Isn't it time you started using this cutting edge technology to make your business more competitive and successful.

Motivate prospects to buy. Communicate what makes your business different. Demonstrate how your products work. Educate customers and employees. The ability of video to improve business is the reason it is rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications.

Not the phone, not a print brochure, not even a Web site.  None of these mediums deliver your message as efficiently and cost-effectively as video.

  • We create
  • Video Demos for your business
  • Videos for your event
  • Videos for Training
  • Infomercials
  • TV commercials
View this Heineken demo to see what we can do for you.

Website Video Intro

Convention Interview

Website Video Promo

2014 Non-Profit Website video

HD Footage for Call Center Promo


Clips of 2011 Instructional Video Shot in HD on one of our Panasonics



Local TV Commercials


Metal Fabrication Trade Show Demo
Loop with music bed to play at a trade show.

View a sample Construction Company Demo.

Video may take several minutes to load depending on your internet speed.

Corporate Instructional Video

Down Payment for Production Time.

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